Health Accord


The federal, provincial and territorial governments are negotiating a new agreement that could determine what public health care looks like for the next decade. Now is the time to protect, strengthen and expand public health care for all.

The problem

The last Health Accord expired in 2014, leaving Canada without stable funding for health care or a tool to create national standards of care. A new 10-year agreement between the Federal Government and provincial and territorial Governments is immediately needed.

A strong Health Accord protects public health care in Canada. It ensures that the public system is able to meet the health care needs of all people, and it is an important mechanism for the Federal Government to enforce national standards of care and the Canada Health Act.

The CHC is calling for:

A health accord that includes:

  • Fair federal funding that’s sufficient to protect and improve public health care for all
  • A plan to implement a National Public Drug Policy and a National Strategy for Seniors Care
  • A commitment to the enforcement of the Canada Health Act

What you can do

  • Ask your federal Member of Parliament and Premier to get back to the health accord negotiation table. Let them know what you want to see in a new health accord.

The issue in detail

Public health care was originally agreed to on a 50-50 cost sharing plan between the provincial and federal government. Today the federal government only contributes 20 per cent and that will fall further to 18 per cent if planned cuts continue. Despite a change in government, the Trudeau government is sticking with the former Harper Government’s change to the Canada Health Transfer that will result in a $43 billion cut to public health care.

In a new Health Accord, the Canadian Health Coalition and our supporters are calling for:

  • Enforcement of the Canada Health Act to ensure no one is illegally charged for medically necessary services
  • A National Public Drug Plan that ensures everyone can access the medicines they need
  • A Seniors Care strategy that provides a continuum of care and access to high quality public home, facility based long-term, palliative and hospice care.

Further reading and tools for advocates

Funding for health care:

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Fiscal Sustainability Report 2013 (Parliamentary Budget Office, 2013)

Report (Council of the Federation Working Group on Fiscal Arrangements, 2012)

Health Accord:

Health Accord Breakdown: Costs and Consequences of the Failed 2016/17 Negotiations (Canadian Health Coalition and Ontario Health Coalition, 2017)

Time for Transformative Change: A Review of the 2004 Health Accord (Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, 2012)

A new Health Accord and beyond (Canadian Health Coalition, 2016)

Latest updates:

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“The provinces and territories simply can’t afford to shoulder the proposed federal cut to the funding formula” (Ontario Health Coalition in Sault Star, February 2017)



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