Since 1979...

We support public health care

We are a coalition of frontline health care workers, community groups and experts.

Since 1979...

We support public health care

We are a coalition of frontline health care workers, community groups and experts.

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    The Canadian Health Coalition advocates for the preservation and improvement of universal public health care across Canada.

    Tommy Douglas wrote “Unless there is a concerted effort to apply pressure on the Federal and Provincial governments, the erosion of Medicare will continue unabated and might even be accelerated. Our best hope lies in the Canadian Health Coalition…for the preservation and extension of Medicare.”


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    What we have been thinking and doing

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    Unifor launches “Vaccine Access for All” petition

    Sign the petition to urge Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly to support the TRIPS waiver
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    CUPE calls for a higher priority and action on pharmacare

    The Minister of Health has postposed regulatory changes that would have better protected the public from excessive drug prices... again.
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    Boost voluntary plasma collection to ensure security of essential blood products, says Health Coalition

    CHC warns Canadian Blood Services of dangers posed by commercial, paid plasma collection
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    PM mandates Health Minister Duclos to advance pharmacare

    Minister's mandate letter includes "national universal pharmacare"
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    Privatization hits COVID-19 testing during Omicron surge

    Ontarians can pay $350 to receive PCR test results in an hour at a private clinic
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    Council of Canadians says Canada bowing to pressure from “Big Pharma”

    More than 120 countries, including the U.S., have rallied behind the “TRIPS waiver” to varying degrees. But not Canada.
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    Health Coalition urges billions of dollars in health transfers be balanced with pharmacare

    Our letter in The Hill Times raises questions for Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland
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    We haven’t forgotten about Liberals’ pharmacare promise: CUPE

    Hancock calls for universal pharmacare in Budget 2022