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The NDP-Liberal 3-year agreement could dramatically expand public Medicare

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We support public health care

We are a coalition of frontline health care workers, community groups and experts.

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    The Canadian Health Coalition advocates for the preservation and improvement of universal public health care across Canada.

    Tommy Douglas wrote “Unless there is a concerted effort to apply pressure on the Federal and Provincial governments, the erosion of Medicare will continue unabated and might even be accelerated. Our best hope lies in the Canadian Health Coalition…for the preservation and extension of Medicare.”


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    Waiting for better pharmacare legislation could be worth it: NDP

    This week’s edition of who is saying what about public health care is compiled by Pat Van Horne. QUOTE OF…
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    Registration opens for Health & Hope Lobby on Parliament Hill

    Tell MPs to champion public health care
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    Health Coalition joins anti-poverty groups at meeting for Parliamentarians

    Together to End poverty hosts Parliamentary breakfast in Ottawa
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    Government unlikely to fulfill promise for Pharmacare Act by year’s end

    Health coalition members fight on for single-payer universal pharmacare
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    A rush to privatize health care is on

    Health files | Fight for pharmacare is still alive
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    Public backs striking health care workers in Québec

    80,000 members of the FIQ vote with their feet and prolong their strike
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    Alberta premier breaks promises, blows up public health care

    Health files | Ontario spending more money on for-profit clinics
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    Need grows as patients wait for dental program 

    The case has never been stronger for making dental care universal